Amendments to the Federal Law on Personal Data Takes Effect

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The Federal Law of Russia of 27 July 2006 No. 152-FZ on Personal Data has an objective to ensure the protection for people’s very own information and apply to organizations that gather, use, or offer such information.

On 1 March, 2021 the Federal Law of 30 December 2020 No 519-FZ on Amendments to the Federal Law On Personal Data amending the Personal Data Law, taking effect with an exception of one section that is due to become effective on 1 July, 2021.

The Amendments fundamentally alter the legitimate scene for entities that wish to publish individual information on the web and offline, for instance, manager’s opposite workers. The alterations basically give more control to information subjects on the handling of their own information for purposes of dissemination. An introduction of a particular definition concerning with individual information that is allowed by allowed by a data subject for dissemination will see this to become element of applicable data laws in Russia: Individual Data Permitted for Dissemination, access to which is allowed to the overall population as approved by the data subject by rendering consent to the handling of individual information.

Basically, this implies that any interested data operator may have the option to depend on a data subject’s assent while setting the individual information in freely open sources and any further utilization of it after the publication. The motivation behind this as characterized in the explanatory notes to the Amendments is to avert the collection and uncontrolled utilization of such personal data on sites for purposes unique in relation to the underlying reason for which it was dispersed.

The Amendments further lays down that the form and the content of assent are to be set up by the authorized agency accountable for the protection of privileges of individual information subjects.