Civil Procedure Code Schemes

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The procedural law has its own importance because it provides the machinery for the purpose of invoking the jurisdiction of a particular code in order to get relief by a party who wants to find a suit or if a suit is filed against the party, the party wants to contest their suit.

Schemes of Civil Procedure Code

Old Scheme of Law

First part containing a number of sections from 1 to 158 which tells us about various definitions and various rights and various obligations in respect of the fighting of a suit of the party.

Second part, which is called schedule 1 or first schedule which contains orders and rules, which are a number of orders more than fifty seven fifty eight containing various sub-paragraphs, end-paragraphs as tools. So, this is the old scheme of law.

Present Scheme of Law.

This particular law which was enacted long back in the earlier part of the twentieth century in year 1908 and lays down all the mechanism for the purpose of proceeding within a suit. Now, section 2 two of this law is very important to understand because here we find the various terms which have been used in this particular law have been defined.

It is very clear that every word has its dictionary, that is, whatever word you use in the dictionary you will find the meaning of about. But a law, especially when it has already been used or a term has been used and has been categorically defined in that law, then it means and it should be understood in that sense only.

The section 2 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 defines and lists own various definitions. For example: we are using the word repeatedly, the judgment and decree. Judgment is a Common English Word. Decree is a Common English Word but here the categorical definition of the judgment and decree with reference to this particular law have been mentioned in section 2 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 you will find all of these definitions which are particularly required to be discussed have been laid down and a good lawyer, a good student of law should read those carefully and understand that what does it mean?