Corporate Law

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This law deals greatly with the global economy.

  • American companies compete with foreign companies for the best and the brightest
  • A high percentage of STEM graduates are foreign nationals.
  • Increased enforcement of employer obligations to verify identity and employment authorization with civil and criminal penalties.

Immigration Visas (IVs)

  • Employment-based green card processing: –
    • Labor certification also known as PERM
    • I -140 immigration petition
    • Adjustment of status (in the United States) or consular treatment (in the country of origin)
  • Multinational executives and managers (EB-1)
  • People of extraordinary ability and outstanding researchers and professors (EB-1)
  • Job Based Entrepreneur (EB-5)

Non-immigration visas (NIV)

  • Temporary business visitor (B-1 visa)
  • Specialized worker (H-1B visa)
  • Intra-company transfer person (L-1 visa)
  • NAFTA Professional Worker (TN visa)
  • Person of extraordinary capacity (O-1 visa)
  • Exchange visitors (J-1 visa)
  • Treaty trader / contracted investor (E-1 / E-2 visa)
  • Student in optional practical internship (F-1 visa)

Common reasons for delay in successful  visa application

  • Delay in filing
  • Lack of documentation (for example: job offer)
  • Bricks and mortar missing
  • Employers don’t understand the rules
  • Employees don’t understand the rules
  • Problems / complications with family members

Ineligibility of applicant or family member for visa application

  • Criminal
  • Medical (public health, public safety, excessive demand)
  • False declaration (immigration fraud)
  • Public expense / government benefits