Effects of Victimization

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The effects of the crime on the victim can be reflected in the form of a physical, financial or psychological impact: –

Physical impact

Victims of violent crimes suffer physical injuries ranging from minor injuries to fatal. The victim has the right to defend himself/herself. Not only the victim, but everyone has the right to defend them as soon as a reasonable danger to the victim’s body begins and this right continues as long as this danger persists. In some cases, under Section 100 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, the right even extends to causing death. Under Section 101 IPC, as a person’s right to private defense, harm other than death can be caused and under Section 102 IPC, the conditions are mentioned when this right begins and ends.

Financial Impact

Victims of financial losses are those who suffer financial losses due to the nature of the offenses committed. Property offenses are offenses in which victims suffer the loss of their property. In crimes involving violence and crimes against the human body, too, the victims suffer financial losses. So in a riot it turns out to be enormous looking and destruction of immovable and movable property both. In crimes against the human body, victims with a physical disability sometimes become unable to perform a job or self-employment. Besides, they also incur expenses for their medical treatment and also high litigation costs. When victims are fatally injured, their families must pay the funeral or burial costs and follow social traditions. The dependents of the earning member who dies are more vulnerable. Financial constraints and poverty in such a situation cause mental agony and traumatize the entire family of the deceased.

Psychological  Impact

The mental torment and trauma suffered by the effect of the crime may be such that no reparation can compensate. Crimes against violence sometimes affect victims permanently, preventing them from behaving as responsible persons in society and they become, in revenge, hardened criminals. There are instances where not only the victims who are immediately affected are turned into the criminals, but their future coming generations are also indulged in family feuds. Likewise, rape tarnishes the whole personality of a ravished woman and she must either console herself with the circumstances or take extreme measures such as suicide or become a criminal in revenge. Some victims may develop neurotic disorders. In riots and community violence, where people lose their near and dear ones, the agony they endure can be tormentous. Brutalization of children, as researchers show, “little victims become big terrorists”.