Legal Language and Legal Writing

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Meaning of Legal Language

Legal language is the type of English language used in legal drafting. It refers to the language that is used by Advocates, Jurists and the Legislative drafters in the functions relating to their profession.

Need & Importance of Legal Language in the Legal Profession

Legal language and legal writing play an important role in the legal profession.

  • The legal professional must be able to translate.
  • The legal professional must be able to explain his story in short.
  • The legal professional must have the ability to express a sentence in a word.
  • The legal professional must have knowledge of the legal language and correct pronunciation.
  • The translation work must have a high accuracy.

Demands for Legal Translation

An expert legal translator is a most useful partner for numerous companies that are going worldwide for several reasons.

The legal translator is in great demand in the business world today. Because a number of companies are increasingly exploring new markets in various parts of the world, the amount of paperwork, and not just commercial contracts, demanded the expertise of legal translators in many aspects.

As a legal translator, you would convert written legal documents from one language to another. You can translate affidavits, executive orders, court opinions, real estate documents, trusts and wills.

English Legal Vocabulary

Decree:- Judgement, Announcement, An official order that has the force by the Law.

Decree-holder:-  Anyone in favor of whom a decree has been passed.

Court of Law:- A group of people that is being presided over by the Judge or Magistrate and acting as a tribunal in the cases of Court.

Contempt of Court: – The crime of not doing what a Court Judge ordered you to do.

Impound:- Seize and take legal custody of something (a vehicle, goods, documents etc.)

Ejectment:- Dismissal

In toto:- Totally, Completely, Entirely, Wholly

Indent:- Demand Letter

Defamation:- Scandal, Vilification, Smear

Land Revenue:- Land credit, Land earnings

Latin Maxims & Their Uses in English Sentences

Sine Die:-  Indefinitely, With no date

Nemo debet bis puniri pro uno delicto:- No person should be made to suffer the punishment twice for same offence.

Nudum pactum:- Without any consideration

Mens Rea:- A mind that is guilty.

Volenti non fit injuria:- Harm that is suffered by one with consent cannot be actioned.