Legal Metrology

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Legal metrology refers to that piece of metrology that is the scientific study of measurement which treats units of weighment and estimation, strategies for weighment and estimation and gauging and estimating instruments, comparable to the compulsory specialized and legitimate necessities planned with an aim to provide an assurance to public according to the perspective of safety and precision of the weighments and estimations.

The Department of Legal Metrology is a regulatory department accountable for keeping up consistency and precision in all weights and measures, gauging and estimating Instruments utilized by merchants in all caps, markets and trading centres in the State.

In contrast to the meaning of Legal Metrology, the laws of Legal Metrology are not only limited to administering weighment and estimation, but also concentrate on consumer awareness by mandating the printing of specific compliances and compulsory declarations on the label of a package. Therefore, the goal of Legal Metrology is ensuring public guarantee according to the perspective of safety and exactness of the weighments and estimations.

The Commonwealth Countries across the world have incredible closeness in their laws, since most have their foundations coming from the United Kingdom. The laws in Nepal, be that as it may, are significantly buyer driven. Where in India, the compliances for Legal Metrology have been comprehensively covered under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and it’s Rules, the circumstance is Nepal is significantly diverse.

The practice of ensuring effective use of Legal Metrology laws is a major advance towards keeping up sound consumerism and consumer consciousness whilst keeping a stern check on the standard of products and assuring transparency from the manufacturers, producers or importers.

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