Must have Apps for Lawyers

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As a Lawyer, you are frequently involved in reading, understanding and drafting documents. Previously, most of the work was done manually, but after the introduction of computers, things have changed to a great extent. You could also do the same things on your mobile which you usually do on your computer. The computer is better for drafting purposes, but what if you have to get a drafted urgently and there’s no computer around you.

Getting things done on your mobile is a savior, especially at such situations. The WPS office works well in this category, especially when you are at some place where there are network issues because this app works offline too, but if you are in a good mobile network range, then it is suggested to use Google docs because your file will be saved in Google drive and that file you can access anywhere and from any other device whereas if you created by using WPS office, then that file can be accessed only through a mobile.

One can make use of cloud services from other apps like Microsoft, but for that purpose you need to create a Microsoft account but the majority of the people are already running a Gmail account, so Google doc is a perfect option.

For PDF’s, many people use apps specifically for opening PDF files like Adobe Acrobat Reader:  PDF viewer, but you can open PDF files using WPS office too. So instead of using multiple apps for different purpose, if you have one app having all the features, then you must go for that. CamScanner is the best option in this category, it scans in the document exactly as a scanner, as you just have to take a photo of the document, and your work is done. It has many other features. One important feature is that text recognition which can be very helpful for lawyers.

OneNote is the best free app for making notes. It allows you to type as well as hand write text in your notes. You can also add images, audio, video, hyperlinks etc. in your notes.

Surfing the Internet has become a crucial part of our lives. We have a question and we are just trying to find the answers on the Internet. This is the reason why we have to use a good web browser to surf the Internet. There are lots of browsers available with numerous features. Just be sure to use a web browser that has at least basic functionality like adding a bookmark or saving a web page so that you can refer to that specific page in upcoming time or opening multiple tabs at the same time. Some of the most famous are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

The email apps usually come in with any mobile you buy nowadays. If you buy an android mobile, then the Gmail app will be already there in your mobile and Gmail app is the best app for emails, but the problem is that many of the people are not using most of its features yet, so it is suggested to find out those features of Gmail and then start using it. Task management, attending matters in Court, doing research, meeting clients, updating your boss about everything, doing your household chores and the list goes on. You have to do many things simultaneously and if you do not manage things properly, then you are screwed up.

Apps like calendar alarm reminder are very helpful which are usually inbuilt in any mobile There are more apps with advanced features like DUST, Wanderlust, Google Keep etc., you can have a look at them too.

You have to remember a lot of things about many matters you are involved in, you need an app which contains a database of all your cases which will contain all case details, client details, next hearing dates etc. eCourts Services app provide you with the details of the cause lists and orders of all the cases in the district courts throughout India and it also has a feature to save a case.