On what base the Judge make the decision?

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There are various things that he takes into account meaning that Judge notices and uses to make his decision. So one of them is called precedent and what precedent means is it took place before, and it set the standard for what is to come. For example if A accidentally killed somebody, the judge would base his decision of how many years A go to prison based on a similar case that happened before. So if someone before A accidentally kills someone in a car accident and he got 5 years in prison, and then A did the same thing or something similar, then A would probably get five years in prison because of the precedent of the previous case. So the outcome of the previous case often dictates what will happen in the future to A.

Another thing that they base it off of is something called statute, so the statute is simply written laws saying that if you break this, there are consequences.

The other thing they’re going to take into the account is what the jury thinks and also what the attorneys are saying. So the most interesting part of law and order are the closing arguments that the attorneys give and this is where they go up in front of the court and basically give a speech saying whether or not the defendant is guilty. It’s really interesting because they re-state all the facts, and they try to do it in a very persuasive way. So they want to convince the jury that what they are saying is true.

Another thing something important is called a class action lawsuit and it is seen very often in the news and what is a class action lawsuit? It is when a bunch of people join forces because they have all been harmed by one specific entity, or multiple entities. For example, if T goes to the theme park and a hundred other people do too, and they all go on this one ride and then the ride malfunctions and breaks, and a bunch of people get hurt. T and the hundred other people can join together into a class and start a lawsuit against that theme park, and specifically against whoever was in charge of that ride. So maybe one person will go to court to represent all one hundred of us and that is a class action lawsuit.