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Let’s start by redrafting the following termination clause: –

“The Supplier is eligible to terminate this Legal Agreement by notice in writing to the customer in following cases:-

  1. If the customer shall fail to make payment within 30 days of any Invoice therefor.
  2. If the customer shall commit any material breach of this Legal Agreement.”

So, there are three or four things that is needed to be reviewed when you redraft it

First of all, shall we know, it means four different things, and we can deal with it in five different ways. We can just get rid of it if we want to. So what I’d like you to do is try to infer, interpret the attacks, figure out what that means in each case, or even if it’s necessary. So the first thing to do is figure out what this means in each case.

Second, look at the legalese in the first point we have got therefor. Now this is the correct spelling of therefor. So you have to go online or consult a good legal dictionary, find out what this means, then redraft this point to convey the same meaning.

Third, we’re going for a simple English rewrite. So we want to rewrite this in plain English, so that I can read it once, and know exactly what’s going on.

If you take a look at the first sentence, it says the supplier shall be entitled to terminate this agreement by notice in writing to the customer. So we have three prepositions in close sequence: by notice, in writing & to the customer. This makes the writing really clunky and not very easy to read. So this is also something that you have to cure, or solve a lot of things to do in few words. Therefore, you need to set your limits of reflection.