What can be done with a Foreign Degree in Law?

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The country United Kingdom have largest number of foreign universities whose law degrees are recognized by Bar Council of India (BCI).

Many of the laws are bounded by geography but the law students don’t require to be. The quantity of students visiting abroad for studying law increasing day-by-day. According to 2019 notification of Bar Council of India, it perceives degrees granted by ninety nine universities running overseas. Of these, the biggest number, forty three universities are located in the United Kingdom, twenty one universities are situated in Australia and sixteen universities are located in the United States of America. According to the most recent data, more than thousand Indians visited United Kingdom for the purpose of pursuing their law education in 2018-19.

Overall sets of laws fluctuate and commonly, an attorney prepared in the laws of one jurisdiction find himself/herself  locked  into it. So, the pursuing law in overseas enables a student to acquire information on the law of another country and foster a more extensive point of view of law. It additionally helps such students who may not be focusing on a profession in law but for one in multinational corporations. Numerous nations likewise have transfer and conversion pathways for foreign lawyers to become licensed and in many, foreign attorneys have their operation in global law offices. Law is among the best ten ventures of work for Indian  students pursuing law in the UK. As per the International Graduate Outcomes Report 2019, the proportion of Indian students pursuing  law in the UK is much greater than the worldwide average. Since the coaching provieded at UK universities are of excellent quality, their worldwide openness and different culture, a degree in UK law provides student a remarkable assortment of job opportunities. Aside from law practice in the courts, attorneys can likewise work in field of journalism, teaching, private companies and the politics. Graduate in law from UK can enable students to practice not only in India but in UK also. Therefore, it act as an entryway to global lawful vocation possibilities.

Those students who have pursued law at foreign universities and desirous of working in India, are required to qualify the All India Bar Examination, that is conducted by Bar Council of India. The BCI has likewise outlined criteria for the declaration of foreign law degree equivalent to the Indian one.